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1. It is hereby agreed that the Participant will pay the Company the sum of $500.

2. This money is being accepted by the Company as:

A sum of money being paid from the Participant to the Company, which may or may not be forfeited if either the Participants or the Company does not perform their part of the agreement.

3. This money is being paid for the following reasons and under the following conditions:​

Participant makes a payment of $500 towards the Company's Mastermind Program in order to receive access to Company's funding link. Participant agrees to deposit the full amount of Company's Mastermind Program within 48 hours of the deposit of funds into their account.


4. If Participant decides to NOT enroll in Company's Mastermind, after receiving full funds, the $500 deposit will be forfeit.

If Participant cannot qualify for the needed funds, and no deposit is made into their account from the financial service, the $500 can be requested by the Participant to the Company within a 48-hour period of the funds being deposited.

If the Participant does not request the refund within 48 hours of the deposit, the deposit will be forfeit to the Company.


5. All requests for refunds must be sent to

6. The $500 deposit being made here today, is put towards the total amount of the purchase price to participate in Company's Mastermind Program.            

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