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You're Gonna Love Her

A Beyond Breath Healing Retreat to Remind You of HER



Retreat Location


Retreat Dates


May 16 - 20, 2023


Retreat Instructor

About This Retreat


Do you remember her? The one you left behind? The one you set aside? The one you ignored?


Her? The one who laughs at silly jokes. Loves without end. And embraces life with grace. 

Yes. Her. This retreat is for Her. To re-embrace. To remember. To love.

  • Practice daily yoga and meditation

  • Swim in the heated pool

  • Wander the beautiful hills

  • Dine on fresh, wholesome food

  • Spoil yourself with a massage

  • Dome back to her

  • And make memories that will last a lifetime

What's Included



Spend 4 nights and 5 days at the Hidden Springs Ranch in Altonah, Utah.



All meals prepared with love from your personal chef. Including vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Private Massage

60-minute massages are available by therapists who work with and are attuned to the harmony of your body.


Daily Yoga Classes

Daily yoga classes (1 - 2 per day) are designed for all levels of yoga with an emphasis on beginners. As with all Beyond Breath Retreats, I welcome and encourage those who have never done yoga before.


Yoga Equipment

Some yoga equipment will be available. You will receive a list of items you will be encouraged to bring.



Enjoy swimming in the heated pool, hiking and exploring the ranch property, bird and animal watching, and rest, relaxation, and sleep.



Carpool arrangements will be offered and assigned for those interested.

Sometimes things don't go as planned due to circumstances beyond our control. As such, activities and included parts of the trip are subject to change.

Yoga Retreat Pricing



  • Twin, Full, or Queen options (sleeps 12)

  • Community Bathroom






  • Twin, Full, or Queen options (sleeps 4)

  • Community Bathroom






  • Twin, or Queen options (sleeps 3 - 4)

  • Shared Bathroom



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Retreat Sunset Pic.jpeg

The 5      Accommodations


The Lodge at Hidden Springs is spacious enough to handle groups up to 90 people or more, the Lodge provides unmatched accommodations for yoga retreats and hosts the perfect place for Her to be found.


Surrounded by a beautiful 700 - acre cattle ranch with enough activities and space for large groups, Hidden Springs Ranch is truly one-of-a-kind. 

The Rooms


Enjoy a superior room with accommodations to match your pocketbook.

The upstairs level of the Lodge is accessed by a beautiful wooden staircase or by an elevator. The upstairs has 5 beautiful suites, each wonderfully decorated. All of the upstairs suites have their own bathrooms.

The downstairs level of the lodge is accessed by a stairway from the main level. Each of the 8 rooms has bunk beds with full or queen beds on the bottom. Huge bathrooms provide plenty of sinks and shower space to make everyone happy.

Retreat Upstairs Bedroom Pic.jpeg
Retreat Inside Pic.jpeg

The Yoga


I truly believe that yoga is for everybody and every, body. I also believe that practice can't really be called Yoga unless it feels good for your body and mind. 

Throughout this retreat, Sariah will offer you morning Pranayama on the front deck, 1 - 2 yoga classes in the spacious main hall, and nightly meditations in a variety of locations.

Each day's classes will give you the opportunity to fall in love, to remember, to re-ignite the fire of the one who has been forgotten. You will be asked to embrace Her. Love Her and Step Into Her, over and over again.

The Food


Sariah believes food is medicine. You will be fed whole, nutritious food that will help your body continue to heal from the inside out. 

Our chef is top - notch and will prepare your food from her heart. It's like a love language. Accept it. Enjoy it. Savor it. 


Personal Massage


Nothing says retreat like a personal massage. One of Sariah's favorite grounding activities is getting a massage. 

Our massage therapists will be on hand for you to take advantage of your self - care. Opportunities to schedule will take place before and during the retreat. Look for emails with more details after you sign up.

Give Her the gift of touch. 


Step outside and take yourself for a walk on one of the beautiful trails. Bring your binoculars and seek for wild life. Challenge somebody to a board game. Sit on the dock and write in your journal. Or bring a frisbee and enjoy some laughs. Take a dip in the heated pool, or play a game of air hockey.

With all that there is to do around the ranch, boredom will not be one of them.

Retreat dock and sunset.jpeg
Country Roads

The Journey


Wherever you are traveling from, you're going to take a drive. Carpooling options, depending on your location, will be offered for you to take advantage of.

Benefits of carpooling:

  • Do your part to decrease your carbon footprint

  • Get to know somebody before you arrive

  • Feel as though you have a chauffeur for the day

  • Enjoy the scenery with others present

If you are interested in carpooling, please mark "yes" on the registration form.

Personal Photographer

During your stay, you will be invited to put your phones away and turn them off and completely immerse yourself into the discovery of Her.

Sariah knows how important documenting your experience is, so she will have a private photographer catch small moments, and intimate connections.

You will receive a downloadable link after the retreat is complete.


Cancellation Policy
Beyond Breath, Retreats would not be made possible without the full commitment of our participants.
All payments are final and we cannot offer refunds for any reason.

Reserve Your Spot Today!


Will you join me in reconnecting with Her? Book your spot today.

Kind Words


"Sariah changes lives by the way she lives her own. She's changed mine and continues to teach me and change me with every interaction I have with her. Sariah woke me up. She inspired me to see myself with love, seek truth, experience what it felt like to hold myself and others as sacred, and trust my intuition."

-Lena O

"Sariah is the embodiment of love, light, and wisdom. She is authentic. She is a truth seeker and sharer; she fearlessly questions what others simply accept as truth and discerns truth for herself. With wisdom, grace, and love, Sariah unapologetically shares the real vulnerabilities that others may be tempted to hide or deny."

-Karen C.

"I don’t have all the right words to be able to describe how amazing it is to work with Sariah and have her be a guiding force of positivity in my life. She has brought so much peace and strength to me and is constantly reminding me to hold myself sacred which is something that I had long forgotten about. I’m so blessed to have Sariah in my life as a mentor."

-Joyce R.

"From the first time I met Sariah, I felt an instant connection. She has a genuine, loving way about her that makes you feel as if you’ve known her forever, as if she is one of your oldest and dearest friends. Her wisdom and insight is truly remarkable. Sariah sees people as their best self and then goes about inspiring them to become that version of themselves."

-Sonya E.

"Sariah has helped me see with new eyes. She loves people as they are and doesn't expect anyone to change themselves. She never shames them for where they are at in their life or how they are behaving—she simply invites those around her to open their eyes and notice. This kind of love is the purest I’ve ever known." 

-Sonya S.

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